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Unusual Track lists specific passenger trains in Britain that are scheduled to traverse bits of track that are a bit on the unusual side – lines that are normally freight only, little used platforms, and lines, loops and crossovers which are not normally covered by the majority of the service trains, both during the week and at weekends.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible if the trains do not run according to the published schedules. Understanding and accepting that errors can creep in, and that trains – for whatever reason – don’t always go where they are booked to go, are pre-requisites for using this site. Please ensure you have read have the details on the
About page.

Revised track layouts
Quail diagrams are indispensable for those wanting to cover unusual track. However, with a number of changes to the network happening on a regular basis,
the diagrams can quickly get out of date. A section of this site attempts to keep track (!) of these changes – see
revised track layouts

Diary of upcoming unusual track
For convenience, a diary of upcoming unusual track is provided. For each region, these pages list in date sequence any moves that will be happening in the next few weeks
that are normally harder or more inconvenient to do. For details of the services involved, follow the links to the main pages

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Where consent has been granted, full acknowledgement of the source of the material should be given.