About Unusual Track


This site attempts to list specific passenger trains that are scheduled to traverse bits of track that are a bit on the unusual side – little used platforms and/or lines/loops and crossovers which are not normally covered by the majority of the service trains, both during the week and at weekends.

The information is arranged with reference to the
Quail track diagrams and is ordered by region and by Quail page number within region. The site is not necessarily intended to attempt to cover all of the UK’s unusual track. Specifically, if the use of an unusual piece of track and/or platform is easily discernible from online journey planners, then it will not necessarily be included here.

Note that in certain instances, not every possible train is listed (this would take up far too much space) and only a selection is identified [these instances are not necessarily individually identified]. Where there are too many choices, preference is given to listing only those that run during daylight hours. Where available, selected trains are listed for each of Mon-Fri, Sat, and Sun. In addition, in the London area, preference is given to local stopping trains so that journeys on long distance trains - especially out of Travelcard Zone 6 - can be avoided where possible.

Unless otherwise stated, services run from the current time to the next timetable change. Variations to the Working Timetable (WTT) or services running on limited dates are
highlighted in red.

All times quoted are the departure times from the originating point, not the arrival/departure time for the location in question.

The information on this site is provided in good faith, and is derived by analysing the data freely available from the ATOC website. It should be noted that the integrity and reliability of some of this data is questionable, and although more obvious transgressions (eg trains booked through the centre road of a station that are timetabled to set down and pick up passengers there!) are not promulgated, less obvious ones could potentially slip through. It is therefore the responsibility of the individual to at least ensure there is a viable chance that a given service will take the route indicated and nothing should be taken at face value.

Due to the volume and complexity of the data to be analysed, it is also possible that some errors of my own making have crept in during the analysis and transcription of the information, and I would be grateful to receive notice of any corrections or omissions (see Contact details). It will also be of benefit to others if feedback – positive or negative – is given on any attempts at particularly unusual or notoriosly difficult sections of track.

Please be aware that variations to the details may occur from day to day, especially so on Bank Holidays and/or as a result of engineering works. These day to day variations are not necessarily listed so it is up to the individual to check that the details provided are relevant on any particular day of intended travel.

Before travelling, the details provided here can and should be cross-checked against
Realtime Trains (RTT) and/or Open Train Times (OTT) and/or National Rail Enquiries (NRE). This is especially important not only for day-to-day variations mentioned above, but also because these online planners are updated on a daily/realtime basis. The data feed for this site is updated only weekly, and – more importantly – the analysis of the data could be a few weeks (or even months) out of date; it is not possible to re-check every individual listing every time a new weekly feed comes out. The date a particular web page was last updated can be found on the index page.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible if the trains do not run according to the published schedules. Understanding and accepting that errors can creep in, and that trains – for whatever reason – don’t always go where they are booked to go, are pre-requisites for using this site.

Frequency of updates and completeness of information
This is very much a labour-intensive site, and there are not enough hours in the day to re-check details every week in order to keep it bang up to date, and to ensure that all possible entries are included. I cannot guarantee accuracy nor completeness in the information provided. As the pages do change from time to time, please be sure to refresh your browser to ensure you are looking at the latest version available for any given page.

Contact Details
Please e-mail ian.delgado[at]talk21.com - replacing [at] with an @ sign - for errors, omissions and requests.


Note: certain entries now no longer list itemised services. Instead, the user can identify individual entries themselves by making use of the OpenTrainTimes search facility which can be found at http://www.opentraintimes.com/schedules. Click the ‘+’ button to add search criteria, and ‘-’ to remove one of the criteria, and when all required criteria are specified, click the 'Search' button for a list of qualifying services. The UT entry will specify the precise search criteria that are needed to identify the individual candidates. In addition, specifying Category not equal to EE, and TOC code not equal to ZZ will result in any unwanted entries (for ecs and freight respectively) being excluded. Specifying Schedule type=P will list regular WTT services only; specifying Schedule type not=P will list irregular services.